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Image and video hosting by TinyPicMy name is Shannon. I'm nostalgic, I repeat myself a lot, and usually have nothing interesting to say.

Titanic, Zelda, Aliens & UFO's, Lolita Fashion, Cosplay, The Paranormal, Harry Potter, Spongebob, Celestial Things, Irish Dance, Video Games, 50's fashion, Mermaid Mythology, Disney & Pixar, Warm Bodies, Sleepy Hollow, The Walking Dead, Attack on Titan.

I am in mid laugh and look a mess, but the tea room she took me to was on point.

ugggggh I’ve been at the airport all night, I can’t wait to be home and in my bed. I’m not even getting changed or taking my makeup off. I am dropping my shit, taking my shoes off, dropping myself into bed and passing the fuck out.


this guy is still the scariest thing i’ve ever seen on tv



The Wild Thornberrys

Marianne Thornberry by Tascha Dearing

Nigel Thornberry by Joshua Walker

Photos by Sophie Keen, ZeroKing2010, and So Say We All


had to make an emergency landing. I just want to go home at this point. LOL. but now I’m also a scared baby.


it’s a bit big, even when i shorten the straps, but look at itttt ;3;


“ooooohhh” i say as i still dont understand


i deal with my personal problems the same way i study for tests

i don’t

「 ۵ 」